This is the section of the website that should contain some cheesy, well thought out sales-pitch-type text, and it used to.  This is now simply the section of the website where I introduce myself as Brandon Sferrazza.  I have been a strength and conditioning coach for over a decade, starting at McMaster University working with the varsity program and moving on to work with the general population and a wide range of great people over the years.  I have worked with all levels of athletes and clients of varied abilities ages 12 to 76.10525779_10152488752139641_3811416850007731836_n


I have a varied background in athletics and have competed in the Scott Firefit Challenge but understand the impact that the daily grind can have on your health.


Since beginning my career as a firefighter in 2013 I have made it my personal mission to learn as much as possible about improving the health and fitness of those in the fire service.  I hope to use this blog to educate people about how to lead a healthier lifestyle and to keep firefighters ready for duty.  You may notice the occasional curse word, splash of sarcasm or outdated pop-culture reference.  The written word is not my natural form so please excuse the naughty language and occasional run-on sentence; you’ll get through it.  Enjoy the free content and if you have something specific you want to read about or need more information contact me at firstalarmstrength@gmail.com.




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