One Percent Better

One.  It’s a powerful number.  One is the first number, the very first; zero doesn’t count, it’s nothing.  The one-minute-workout, the first follower, January 1st, the 1-percent.

What is it about one?  Is it a number you should get familiar with?

In an ever-expanding world, the number “1” should be at the front of your mind… (first on your mind?)

Ask yourself, “what can I do today to become 1 percent better?”

Whatever the answer is, spend 1 percent of your day on it.  Every day.  That’s just 15 minutes of your entire day.

You may have seen the motivational insta-posts, “An hour workout is only 4 percent of your day. Don’t find the time, make time.”  While this is true and technically not bad advice, there’s a good chance it’s coming from a 22-year old “fitness expert” who gets paid to post about their ass.

insta meme

What about the over-worked mom of 4, or the stressed-out tax-guy living in a jungle of people’s shoebox-filing systems?  4 percent of the day seems way out of reach if they want to eat and sleep somewhat normal.

Since having my first kid, and now only days away from a second, I’m a far bigger fan of 1 percent.  It’s far easier to carve out, set aside, block out time, or however you like to term it and over and over research shows that it’s plenty of time to improve your health in the long run.

One “heavy” set.  One 4-minute sprint.  One DQ Oreo cake (instead of two)?

It’s far easier to get in 15 minutes of something that is important to you and compound the investment daily.  If you have time to make it 2 or 3 percent one day then great.  If not, we just need one.

We’re focusing on self-inflation here, not to be confused with self-fellation in these times of social media-driven lifestyles.

The best part is that one percent better slowly becomes an exponential improvement.  The investment pays off down the road.  It can also work the other way if you focus on the negative and progressively get one-percent worse every day.

As this is a health and fitness blog I’m really pushing the 1% in the direction of physical training but we can also apply this to other areas, especially if you’ve just cleared up 3% of your day.  Spend 15 minutes making a meal plan for the week,

15 minutes writing things down and clearing your mind,

15 minutes Marie Kondo-ing your closet or

15 minutes on a passion project – whatever it may be, just spend 1 percent of your day improving something.

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