I Still Haven’t Made a New Year’s Resolution

This time last year I shared a post I had written about how I don’t make resolutions at on January 1st.  I thought I would just share it again, kind of a like a holiday greeting card – like some of the much larger, more successful fitness websites do.

But it kind of sucks.

I think my content is fine and I’d even venture as far to say that there might be a joke or two that people would find amusing.  It’s because the writing is terrible.

I wouldn’t say I’ve learned many big new words since then, that’s my 2-year-old’s department.  It was just pretty hard fucking hard to read.  Not enough white space as those in the blogging world have said.  I wrote paragraph-style like you’re taught to in high school.

Now, my writing is much more sophisticated for a blog.  The key is just to press enter more often.  Yay, writing a blog is easy.

But back to the reason you’re reading.  New Year’s Resolutions and why I’m so superior to them.  Or not.

I haven’t made one in years.  Not because I feel I don’t have changes to make.  I have lots of changes, oh so many changes I could make.  I’m far from where I could be.  But that’s OK with me.

I also don’t hate New Years.  To be honest it doesn’t really mean anything to me.  I don’t go out of my way to celebrate, or go to bed before midnight out of spite.  But I don’t HATE it.  As much as I hate crowded bars and the like, I wouldn’t ghost anyone that wanted to have a nice evening of board-games and make a bit of noise at midnight.

I don’t do the “New Year, New Me” thing.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  You do you.

My track record with New Year’s Resolutions just wasn’t great.  The only thing worse might have been Michael Jordan’s career batting average, and even still he might have the edge.

michael jordan

So I made one years ago to never make another and just change something if I felt it needed changing.  This could be in any area of my life.  I have found it to be a very useful approach.  No waiting.  Idea ->  Research ->  Execute.

It fits my personality very well and nobody knows me better than me, except for maybe Amazon, Facebook and Google.  I’m impatient but also a real sucker for rules and a well-drawn-up plan.

Now, if you made a resolution, especially one to improve your health, great.  Don’t let me derail you.  I’m not trying to in any way.  I love you more for it.  Constantly failing at resolutions just didn’t sit well with me so I found my solution.

I hope you kill it.  You go Glen Coco.  If you’re going keto, paleo, Crossfit, Beach body, power lifting, bro-split, vegan.  Great.  I hope you kill it.  (Just don’t do a fucking cleanse – save your time, money and toilet)

No matter how trendy your chosen path, I hope you are nothing but successful and you can keep up that momentum and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.




If you haven’t figured out your approach, you could start here.

Right here where you are.  Wherever Mary from HR started, that’s her deal.  You’re you.  In fact no one is more youer that you.  (Thank you Dr.) So, start there.

Make one better choice today.  Then do it again tomorrow.  Build your momentum slowly.  Make it easy on yourself if you can.  Take the stairs once more today.  Park further away from the store.  Grab a carrot instead of the Oreo.  Just once.

It’s not about what will make the biggest dent in your waistline today, but what will have a lasting impact on your mental state moving forward.  You’d be amazed at what these small-easy-to-overcome moment of uncomfortableness can do to your long-game.

We’re trying to add positive onto positive and pick low-hanging fruit.  Then one day you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come.  And you don’t even have to blow your colon out with a cleanse, detox or “reset” or whatever that guy on your Instagram is calling this ridiculous, waste of time now.

Then, if and when you’re ready to try some interval training, read this.  Or some strength training, read this.



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