Your Start Point Influences Your Path; It Doesn’t Dictate Your Endpoint

KD and hotdogs

What your diet or exercise routine (or lack thereof) looks like today doesn’t mean anything with regards to what it will look like in three months, a year or five years from now.  What you’re doing today simply determines your start point. Thinking about what “perfect” looks like can be intimidating, which is why I always suggest making small, easy changes.

Very rarely are people successful with immediate, complete life overhauls in the long term.  Often, people revert back to their old habits because that’s what is comfortable.  The foundation hasn’t been laid to gradually progress habits for the better.

“Can you do a little more than you are currently doing?”

This doesn’t necessarily mean doing more.  What it refers to is can you make a slightly better choice than you are used to making.

Your diet and exercise also should evolve over time.  Day 1 and Day 14 may look only marginally different but as the small steps add up, day 300 should look very different from day 1 and day 600 should look very different from day 300.  The small steps compound and over time and they become more comfortable.

You may have an idea of where you want to get to but you have to run the race first.

It’s important to remember and appreciate the process.  Kind of like when you got your first car.  You knew this was not the car you’d be driving 10 years later. It was your first car.  It’s supposed to be shitty.  It’s supposed to be temperamental and 3 different shades of brown.  Maybe it wasn’t your only shitty car.  Maybe you’re on your fourth shit-box on wheels and you’re still working towards some sort of nice-reliant-automobile.  That’s ok.  These changes don’t happen overnight.  They take time.  It’s pretty rare that a rusty-old piece of crap kicks you out and turns itself into a brand-new Decepticon-fighting Camero seconds later to the music of Kill Bill.

There are going to be more than a few steps between wieners and KD to say, roasted chicken with a spinach and beet salad.  You could go straight to the salad but at some point you’re probably going to want that KD again.  Then one day you’ll remember the sweet, salty orange nectar dripping over those oblong mixed meat casings and you’ll find out how hard it is to kill old habits. Give your body and your mind time to adapt and develop new tastes.

For example – add in some sautéed spinach to your KD.  A few weeks later, when that’s the norm, maybe switch out the ol’ tube-steaks for some ground beef.  Then maybe some sirloin.  Then add some more veggies.  And then chicken.  We’re still eating mac and cheese but it’s better than a few weeks ago.  Proceed to trying a salad once per week.  Hopefully you get where we’re going here.

It takes longer but it’s more sustainable.  Eating healthy is less of a novelty and you’re less likely to feel the need to crowd everyone’s newsfeed with how healthy you’re eating.  We all have important information to consume on social media.


Remember to always look for the low-hanging fruit and own those changes.  The same applies to exercise.  You likely don’t need a complex workout program.  You just have to do something that is within your current abilities – and something you’ll actually do consistently enough to see changes.  It’s more important to do something consistently even if it’s not necessarily perfection.


gum would be perfection

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