Winter Is Coming


Did you spend the summer trying to get in shape? Did you have a few moments over the summer where you thought you should have been able to do something but turns out you didn’t have the physical capacity?

Winter is coming.

My training changes with the seasons and for most people it should also. Summer is the time to play. Winter is the time for work.

If you want to be able to hike, swim and keep up with your family then winter is the time to improve your fitness and mobility. Winter is the time for work.

If you just want to look better semi-naked on the beach then winter is when to pack on some muscle and lose some body fat. Winter is the time for work.

Winter doesn’t have to be battling white walkers and ice dragons. Rather than fight the winter blues, hunker down and get the work in now.  Embrace the long night. If you’re like me you want to get outside as much as you can in the summer so do the mundane now: your lunges, lifts, pulls and presses, so when the nicer weather comes  you can jump, skip, run and throw.

So many people wait until summer gets here to get in shape.  They spend all winter by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a warm beverage watching hallmark holiday movies over and over.  Ok, that sounds fantastic- except for the fucking hallmark movie part…

But you can afford to peel yourself away for 30 minutes. Or if that’s way too much to think about right now then try a workout snack or a 1 minute HIIT session.  Just do something now and reap the benefits when it’s time to show off.

There’s no such thing as low lighting or good angles on the beach. You can’t turn down the sun or stand just the right way. There’s no hiding, so, if that’s something important to you then start doing something about it now.

You’re going to get embarrassed by the younger generation at the family picnic. It’s inevitable.  But, you can mitigate the loss by not spending the next 4 weeks hobbling around with a sprained ankle and an oblique strain because you had to step left and getting off the recliner is hard enough. You don’t have to be that guy!

Winter is coming.

Winter to me isn’t some sad time wishing the sun was here and the days were longer. Winter is getting up before the sun, going into my freezing cold garage, “embracing the suck” and doing the repetitive, sometimes boring stuff but knowing the payoff is worth it. I’m no Warren Buffet but I understand a thing or two about investing and the long game.

Winter is loud music, clanking plates, grunting and sweating so summer can be sitting on a dock, hiking in the woods and playing on the beach. Winter is time for work.

You’re not going to make the changes by just wishing you had done something sooner. Now is sooner. Don’t wait for this New Years Resolution bullshit to start making changes that will help you live longer, better and look better naked. The season of eating is upon us so take advantage of the gluttony, eat the food, lift the weights and pack on some muscle. Charge up that metabolism and make better choices now.  Don’t wait for January 1st. Fuck that.  Do something now.

Winter is coming.

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