Do Something… Anything

Get Started Now!

Maybe you’re busy with work right now.  Maybe your kids take a gigantic chunk of your time.  Maybe there’s a project at home you really need to work on.  That’s all ok but go start taking care of your health right now!  If there is one thing I have learned from training thousands of clients it is that everyone is busy.  Even when we don’t have to be busy we find ways to fill our schedules.  We do our best to justify not taking our health into our own hands.  We always say “When my schedule opens up I’ll try to get to the gym” or “The next two weeks are crazy, but right after I get (insert literally anything here) finished up, I’m going to be a new me”.  Well here’s the sad news… You won’t.  I can’t even count how many people I have spoken to in my early years in the gym and their reply was very similar to the two above.  You know what happened two weeks later?  Nothing.  Most of the time I would try to contact them to see how their schedule was opening up.  Nothing.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t vanish but they couldn’t recognise or at least be honest that they were always going to be busy.  I have to admit though, that I was rarely ever honest with them in the beginning.  I didn’t want to push people away with too much honesty.  I never replied to “I’ll be in touch soon!” with “No, you won’t.”  I think the main reason I didn’t respond this way is because I was always taught not to be an asshole.  “No, you won’t” is not the appropriate response.  It’s just for me and me alone.  I didn’t want to be the drill sergeant type of a coach, but I also shouldn’t have been the best friend right off the bat.  What I should have done with the people that weren’t near ready to get started is offer some simple behaviours that they could start right away that came with a low-barrier to entry but could have a major impact down the road.  Doing something is better than nothing.  Doing anything is better than nothing.  Maybe your boot camp doesn’t start for a few weeks or you are planning on starting a formal exercise program shortly, do something until then – anything.  If your diet starts Monday you don’t have to take the weekend to eat like you are never going to see a cheesecake again – you can still have some- but mayyybe not the entire thing and try a vegetable or two.  Our view points are so backwards as a society.  We always act as though commencing a diet or exercise program is going to completely ruin our lives.  If it is the right program for us at the time we won’t feel the need to do the exact opposite for days leading up to the first day of a “new you” and it should actually enrich your life, not destroy it.  Yes, sometimes I have had to “get real” with a client and tell them that chicken wings for breakfast, pizza for lunch and hamburger helper for dinner probably isn’t going to help them lose weight, but for the most part a diet and training plan is a joint-venture, a partnership between client and coach. I’ll provide the steak but you need to bring the sizzle.  I believe a plan should be one that the client is excited to work through and doesn’t view as a daily burden.  It should be progressive with no end point, rather it should include check points along the way.  I’ll bring this extended comment to a close before it becomes a rant and circle it back to my main point, which is – regardless if you are not ready to embark on a life-changing human body experiment or you are planning to get moving in two weeks – do something positive for your health today; literally anything will do.

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